At The Catbird Seat in Nashville, Chef Ryan Poli has created an inventive menu showcasing elements of Japanese and Italian cuisine alongside techniques Poli picked up during the two years he circumnavigated the globe cooking at Noma in Copenhagen and it's Tokyo pop up, stints in Australia at Brae and Sixpenny and stateside for Blue Hill Stone Barns in New York and Osteria in Philadelphia.

The garden I've created for the acclaimed Nashville restaurant is conveniently situated on a roof deck just outside it's unique open kitchen and dining room space, and is easily accessible to Catbird's kitchen team.

Installed in 2016, the garden features Australian-designed Glowpear Urban Garden planters, a modular, self-watering, modern planter system, each with its own built-in water reservoir. 

In addition, I installed a supplemental drip irrigation system which runs on a timer to ensure a consistent daily watering schedule, necessary for middle Tennessee's hot summer climate.

The crop list for The Catbird Seat includes several heirloom varieties of nasturtium, sungold tomatoes, citrus gem marigolds, two varieties of shiso (Japanese Hojiso and Vietnamese Jeok Ssam Ip), coriander flowers and seed, lemon balm and Egyptian star flowers. For the 2017 season, we are planning for a spring run of root crops including hakurei turnips, Paris market carrots and French breakfast radishes and will be increasing production of cherry tomatoes come summer.