When Sandra and Mathieu Holl opened their European-inspired neighborhood cafe and bakery in 2010, they envisioned a garden for the roof space, which patrons can view through French doors on the second floor of the cafe.

Floriole was my first garden project and remains a cheerful and sunny "boutique garden" yielding beautiful edible flowers including heirloom nasturtiums, French harlequin and citrus gem marigolds, blue and pink cornflowers, French lavender and blue and white borage blossoms for the delicate garnishes Sandra's team utilizes on their many pastries and cakes. The garden also produces a variety of herbs and specialty greens for their cafe menu including Japanese red mustard, bright lights chard, Britton shiso, red-veined and wood sorrels and tender Dwarf Grey spring pea tendrils and shoots.  

The kitchen team at Floriole assists in daily harvesting and are actively engaged with the garden all season long, contributing to its  continued success.