Our garden on the roof of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel serves the kitchen of Cindy's Rooftop lead by Executive Chef Christian Ragano. Created out of thin air, the aery atmosphere of Cindy's gives contrast to the Association’s history as a men’s club, yet carries an unmistakable look of having always been here. With seasonal freshness reflected in both food and drink, the rooftop dons the relaxed ambience of a Great Lakes beach house with a view. Ragano brings classic comfort and culinary invention via large format style dining over cocktails and apothecaries.

The garden features 20 Australian-designed Glowpear Urban Garden planters, a modular, self-watering, modern planter system, each with its own built-in water reservoir. 

In addition, I installed a supplemental drip irrigation system which runs on a timer to ensure a consistent daily watering schedule.

During our first season, we cultivated a wide variety of herbs, edible flowers, tomatoes and chiles for Cindy's team.